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A Plea to Female Customers: Stay home - Mind of a Man

"To the strippers, all men look the same. We look like Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Franklin." -- John DeVore

Where was I going with this? Strip clubs love female customers because woman can't go anywhere alone. That equals more drinks while the guy are off buying lap dances. 

Customers can also fantasize about clothed women that walk into strip clubs and sometimes even chat them up.

But on to the real story, why men love strippers.

It may or may not be what you think. The article seems to contradict itself in saying that men revel in rejecting hot women, to an inherent need to be endlessly teased.

Money seems to be a factor because if you don't have any, it's easy to be selective in who you turn away. If you have too much money the tease can perpetuate for years on end...

Mind of a Man: Why We Love Strippers


Ask a Stripper on 9:06 AM said...

Well I'm pretty sure all strippers look the same to customers too.

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